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Are there cultures wherein women go around bare breasted in normal life?
These days of course it's considered pornographic for a woman to display her breasts to people in general. However, are there any cultures in which the default way in which women were dressed was by just wearing something to hide the thighs and genitals and nothing on top? Of course there were cultures where men went around bare chested but were/are there any cultures/traditions/tribes wherein even women are bare breasted all the time and it is considered very normal?
Of course. I don't know how many are still doing this, but since you ask about the past, many in the tropical regions - esp. South America, Africa and Polynesia - were normally bare-breasted. The movie "Rapa Nui", about the downfall of Easter Island, is all topless. National Geographic magazine is famous for showing people like that as well.
Women should be allowed to go bare breasted in public!?
There should be no reason why women can't go without a shirt on in public, just the same as men can.
Some of these people need to get their minds out of the gutter!, there is nothing wrong with a woman's breast being exposed in public.
Women are allowed to do that, at least where I live (Canada).

Years ago, female university students fought for the right to go topless in public, seeing as men were allowed to.

It was a form of discrimination and now we can go topless (if any of us wished to do so).

So why don't we? Wearing a top in public is a norm. Most people (male and female) wear tops.
Would anybody like to see my educational movies about bare-breasted native women?
From my travels in Africa. They are very...enriching to watch. Round mine, tonight, 8.30, you bring the sherry.
that's their culture and you are exploiting it fr your own sick means!
Why do women in Greece bare their breasts for little or no reason?
I've see Greek women bare their breasts on Greek news stations while reporting news. It is done as if it is practical and NOT for breast feeding or sunbathing. So what is the purpose? Do they view it as a form of sexual attractiveness?
let me know if i have understood this correctly: you have watched some greek news on the TV and the women that report the news, show their breasts off.
IF this is the case, either you are lying or misunderstood, or i don't watch too much TV?

because i have never seen something like this you are describing. but then again, i may have not understood your question correctly. let me know, if you'd like.
Is it not considered a big deal for a woman to bare her breasts in England?
I'm American and I've seen page three of your national newspaper that shows bare breasted women. I know that English women do not walk around baring their breasts, but I'm wondering if showing off a woman's chest is not as scandalous there as it is here. Just curious. Thanks!
Page Three have been baring their breasts since the early Seventies and there is nothing offensive about it to the majority of British people. There are also topless beaches scattered around Europe, so no, we have got used to it and it isn't scandalous at all. I don't see what all the fuss is about, personally, or why America and Canada get so uptight about it. It isn't pornography, just nudity.
Even after bra burning movement, i never find women and girls walking bare-breasted. Why?
feminists are liberated, then why they are reluctant to walk bare breast? we see men bare chest publicly but not babes, even this jet age? (save intimate movie scenes).

are they close minded, narrow minded or shy or what? why they cant bathe publicly topless?

if bra burning was not about breast consciousness among womenfolk, what was it for? against 'pervert' nature of human males?
Don't be so insensitive!....! Bra burning wasn't about breasts! Bra burning was about equality in the work place, in public, and in the home! Believe it or don't, but women want to be treated as equals and not as a pair of BOOBS! Mature males should have grasped the desire that Women need to be respected as human beings. Are you silly, immature, or both? You need to grow up and find yourself a woman, with boobs!............. so that you can realize that the girl you love is great with or without those boobs! You need to realize that that the greatest thing in your life is a woman who loves you regardless of her gland size. Good Luck!
CBS is airing a show tonight that shows a woman's bare breasts to help women understand the correct?
procedure for doing self exams. And they fear the reaction of the public??? Is this offensive to you in any way? Doesn't it pale in comparison to the horrors of war, murders, abductions, and even soap operas, and heaven knows what else shown on TV daily. Can we get real here, people? Your thoughts?
It is breast cancer awareness month I think its GREAT they are doing this. Society shoves far worse down our throats daily. At least maybe someone might learn something from this....
Can women go topless at a beach in a state or county where it is legal for a woman to bare her breasts?
In states in which it is legal for women to be topless, e.g. New York, do private beaches automatically have to allow their female patrons to go topless? What about public beaches?
A private beach can require you to wear a pink feather boa, if they want to. That's what private property rights mean. (One exception... in some States, including mine, privately owned businesses are not allowed to prohibit breast feeding in public)

If toplessness is legal under State law, that would not - in most cases - stop a county, or a park district, from banning it on their property.


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