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What are some good video sites where i can look at lesbians and gays in action for free?
and that is not spammy

They have it all.

I used to use too.
What should i do about my lesbian addiction?
someone please help me. I don't know what i am, i can't face myself always question about my sexuality, i don't want to be anything except straight. I want my family to be proud of me, i don't want those thoughts be in my head. I want them to go away

the idea of two hot women being physically touching each other is an erotic turn on to me, it was for that same reason i started to question about my sexuality. I have used all my energy to search for any materials that related to lesbianism. It has been two years since the time i started to feel aroused by lesbian action. every day i will access to any materials that has some lesbianism idea in it. I feel so damn tired of being so obsessed with that idea, it feels like an addiction like some young teen boy addicted to video game or porn..Gosh, i feel so frustrated. I want those temptations to go away so that i can feel free again.

PS sorry about the writing, too tired to correct it.
I don't if there really is an effective way to just make them magically disappear. Maybe you are bi-sexual if you have feelings like that for females and males. But it is up to you to decide what you are and who you like not anybody elses choice. It is yours. And there is no reason to feel guilty about it or anything like that, it is a perfectly normal thing for people to go through. And for some people it is just a phase, and it does just go away over time.

I dont know if any of this will really help at but I hope it does :)
Where to find free nice lesbian movies in full not porn?
i would love to see many of the movies that appear on youtube as clips i want to see them in full example movies.. APRIL SHOWERS ..LATE BLOOMER......THE JOURNEY...8WOMEN.. D.e.b.s and more ....these movies have ..comedy ...action and they are not (porn) please help there are many good lesbien movies out there
Action not words for the lesbian & Gay community ?
I hear so many people whining and complaining about why we have no gay marriage rights and legal guy adoption etc.., but how long has it been since anyone Marched for our rights and freedoms? The only group that actually does anything for it's people are the African Americans, such as Civil Rights, Their leaders that fought for them , and so fourth, so why isn't anyone in the community, (Civilians) marching down Washington DC,? I feel more ppl who do not belong in this country, who pay no taxes etc and get free health care and so fourth get more rights than we do..Look at the MArch in DC over illegal aliens, many get to stay and sponge off the GVT, while we Americans must pay, or get moved to delinquent accounts..I mean where is the justice in that? We are Americans, and we are lesbian, & Gay, but we have no rights? But we cannot ask for gay marriage, when that should be privledged to us? Seems like Staright white men, Illegal aliens and wealthy ppl run the GVT system, instead of us.
Your totally right. I am a gay womyn myself and fed up with it the whole thing. I haven't seen many peeps in the community want to rally down DC, all they do is the parades, so I think more peeps should get together and form a group. If your interested in doing something like that let me know, just email me the details..I think it's ridiculous that have no rights and we are in 07. These peeps in church that want none of it, are the same ones who do their dirty deeds behind the church's closed doors, and no one frowns upon them,nor does anyone say no to the illegals that get freebies, while we must work hard..There is something definately wrong with our Justice system, if the white st8 men, & wealthy have more power with this all..although I feel they are more like Psycho and his mom..
Where can I watch.......?
Ashlynn Brooke and Kayden Kross lesbian action online for free. I'd appreciate if there is no virus please.
Wow there guydo, just watch normal lesbian action, what's so special about this one.
Question about my (lesbian) sisters behavior?
First off hello (this is the 1st time I posted here in this category;o)

Ok, my sister/best friend is 43 and she's a lesbian.

I have NO problem with her being gay -at all so please dont assume that)

That being said, I am confused by her actions/attitude lately, and I hope someone here could shed some light.
She dated one woman (I'll call K) for 25 years, and they broke up 3 years ago. While she was with K, she kept the butch side of her to a minimum. Like she always kept her hair long, and she wore womens clothes. (nothing frilly and never dresses though) She basically carried herself as a female with suttle male characteristics (kind of like a tom-boy) She kept her lifestyle private when she was with K. For example they didn't make out or touch one another in any sexual way in front of friends or family. And they didn't flaunt it or discuss it in front of the guys. They hugged and held hands and our guys just thought they were best friends, even K's 3 guys didn't know they were a couple until they were teens -and they all lived together.

Then my sister met "L" and she changed completely. She shaved all her hair off, changed her whole wardrobe to mens clothes, underwear, cologne, shoes & accessories. She gets racy and pretty raunchy with L no matter where they are, even in front of my guys (which were 1,5,9,11 when she met L 2 years ago) They make out, grab eachothers asses, and grope eachother (which is sweet & all, but not in front of the guys!?!) Also she has her apt full of lesbian art and bunches of partially nude photos of them in bed, in a bubblebath etc... (And I am not sure thats appropriate for my guys to see)

Well the cats out of the bag, and my 2 older guys have questioned her sexuality to me, and honestly...I was upset. I thought they were a bit too young to ask/know about this type of thing. And I would have preferred they gradually came to understand, rather than have it thrusted in their faces so abruptly the way it was. Its not the gay thing that bothers me, it the raunchiness of it all. (Even if she were straight, this behavior in front of my guys would not be cool) My guys were like "ewwww!" when I tried to explain it all to them, which confirms that they ARE too young to understand.

I tried to talk to my sister about this, and its like shes not even there. She doesn't get it at all and doesn't see any problem.

I am thinking that this is what she always wanted to be, and now that she is not with K she feels free to be what she wants? Maybe she kept it on the DL because thats how K wanted it? OR is she behaving this way now, because thats what L wants in a partner? Hmmm. I am not sure I know who the hell my sister really is!

So my question I the one that has a problem & needs to lighten up, or is she out of line? How do you handle your relationship in front of your guyren, nieces, nephews? How old were they when they found out you were gay/bi or other? How did you tell them?
Thanks to all that help.
i can see where your comming from, and i agree with the double edged reasoning, one, i dont think its to young for guys to know, given that straight relationships are taught just as early, HOWEVER, i do not condone what your sister is doing as a method. while i believe queer relationships should be taught and known right up there with straight ones, straight ones are not taught with nude pictures that early, so why this?

on that note, i would ask your sister to tone it down around the guys, but i would also be teaching my guys about all types of relationships asap (not sex or anything, but just the bit that people love people, not gender a loves gender b), the longer you wait, the more stigma there is to beat.
Hey I'm 13 and in 8th grade and I go to a small school with only 30 people in the entire middle school and only 3 OTHER girls in my grade. That being said, earlier today at school my "friend" (let's call her mary, Mary is always the one who starts stuff and then the other girls catch on and agree with her) asked me who I liked, she's been asking me for A LONG TIME, and I always reply with no one. Or with a silly answer like "God" or "Jesus" or "toto" (my dogs name). She always playfully slaps Me and says ugh whatever and laughs but I can sense a bit of annoyance In her voice.

So today she asked me who I liked and I replied with the same answer and then she asked me if I was gay (lesbian would be the correct term but that sounds really awkward lol) and I thought she was just guyding and so I said no. And then she went on listing all my "boyish" actions which would be:
not liking a guy- I never said I've never liked a guy, and even if I did why would I trust her? Or anyone? And why should I tell her my buisness? She doesn't have to know everything about me no matter how much she wants to...
And how my hair is always in a pony tail- she says "to be a girl" I should put my hair down atleast once, uhm no!? Other girls have always put their hair up too
and that I never wear free uniform- which means you can whatever clothes you want on a free uniform day, yes I go to a private school with a strict uniform. Sorry I don't want to?
And she started going on about how I was gay and I can "come out of the closet" and she and all our friends would understand, she was in the restroom with the rest of our friends when she said this.

Why is she so rude? Can she not get the fact that she doesn't have to know everything about me no matter how much she wants to? I've told her that and then she'll go off to another one of our friends and say that I'm "changing" cause I've been arguing back... Seriously what the hell... I wasn't arguing. I was simply telling her straight up
Dont let her get to you. Shes being a drama queen, soon enough she will find a new victum.
Hang in there!
I'm a lesbian and my girlfriend is in the Army...?
Hello I need some answers so any gay, straight, bi or watever feel free to post. My girlfriend enlisted in the army and is now in basic training. She graduates Feb 17 and after that she is off to Ft. Lee in VA for her AIT training. However I'm a little concerned as to how much we will get to see each other. I'm not all that clear on this DONT ASK DONT TELL policy even tho I know its been repealed and will be put into action soon. We plan to marry in a year or so and I also wanted to know would me and our daughter be able to live on base with her or find living arrangements elsewhere. Will we be able to share benefits such as life insurance, medical insurance, etc....
She would be very wise to remain in the closet for the time being. Just because DADT has been canned it doesn't mean some magic wand has been waived and all the prejudices are suddenly gone. Besides, as a very junior single enlisted soldier she will probably not be allowed to live off base even if she could afford to on her very minimal pay. And of this time she will not be able to cover you on her medical benefits. I don't know what states even allow gays to marry these days. It seems the laws allowing it get overturned almost before the ink dries. And I doubt the military would acknowledge such a union for the purpose of benefits coverage. As for living on base in base housing if you do get married? I can't say because I doubt the military has written any regulations or policies concerning that yet.
Is this a good start for my crime-action story?
I spent last May in New York City shooting an indie film with sketch comedy group Olde English. It was one of the best experiences of my life, but it definitely came with some hardships.

One night, after a fifteen-hour shoot and an hour of complaints from my girlfriend (im a lesbian) at the time, I decided I'd go for a walk to clear my mind. I was living in Brooklyn and although crime rates had drastically dropped thanks to Giuliani, Brooklyn is still no walk in the park at night.

Actually, you probably shouldn't walk in the park at night.

On my midnight stroll I came upon a governmental housing project that took up an entire city block. It was past midnight and the dark structure ominously loomed over me. It strangely had a walkway that ran diagonally through the complex (a hypotenuse, if you will) and I foolishly decided that I'd walk through it. I'd been having a terrible day and proving to myself that I was brave enough to do this was the only thing that would cheer me up.

As soon as I enter the complex, I immediately regret this decision. I see a few groups of black guys lurking in the shadows and hear some snickers and a couple "sexy" comments but I keep walking. My heart starts to beat a bit faster as I realize the pathway is much longer than I expected, like that stairway shot in Vertigo.

As I make it past the incessant whistling, I can see a light shimmering from the opposite side. I'm almost home free! But about fifty feet away from safety, a black guy moves in front of the exit, walking towards me.

This dude is at least 6'2" and is black. He's wearing an XL hoodie and a flat-billed Yankees cap. As a scrawny white girl, I didn't want to make any overly racist gestures like turning around and sprinting for dear life, so I kept walking towards this *****, hoping that he was a jolly black giant.

He was not.

When I get about 20 feet away from him, he stops. My heart starts pounding. This is how I'm going to lose my virginity, I think. But again, not wanting to display any signs of racism, I keep walking. I glance behind me and see a group of guys following me. Yup, this is how I'm going to lose my virginity.

I try to avert eye contact, but I can feel his eyes on my ***. About 5 feet from the ***** I glance up and we lock eyes. He's the scariest dude I've seen in my life. His face is covered in scars and tattoos and you can see his muscles through his hoodie. YOU CAN SEE HIS MUSCLES THROUGH HIS HOODIE!!!

My heart is jumping out of my chest. My eyes dart, searching for any kind of escape but I'm surrounded by walls. The only ways out are through the 10 guys behind me or this monster of a man in front of me. I start pulling up my skirt, just to make the process easier.

As I come within arm's distance of him, I prepare myself for the worst. He looks at my breasts, and says "Evening."

I can barely breathe. I nod and try to run past him, safely out of the projects. But he grabs me buy the hair and pushes me against the wall! I close my eyes as I feel his hands down my panties, fingering my vagina. I open my eyes and realise its not him but my girlfriend fingering me! I see the ****** back away ''dirty hookers'' ''probably have cocks anyway'' I hear them mutter.

And that, my friend, is how sex saved my life.
is this real life? not sure if srs...

things happen too quickly, no attention to detail
mentions things then doesn't expand, why are they mentioned at all?
I think it's trying to be funny, but the initial shock will make it difficult for people to enjoy
and it sounds racist as sh*t, just saying.
I'm thinking about writing a book in my free time, a teen novel hopefully?
I need some ideas... like... I want the main character to be a girl in some what of a lesbian/straight love triangle thing. Like, the main character likes a girl and the girl likes a guy and the guy likes the main character, but then later in the story, the preppy blonde girl, realizes what she is missing and ends up liking the main character, but... here sthe thing, i just want that to be a side story, like, what happens AT skool. I want some action or something to go on during the story, im looking for what it should be all about! and what complications the girl has. I want her to be like supernatural or have something starnge that she is having trouble keeping secret... but i dont want it to be like a vampire kinda thing
Maybe she has some secret she has to hide (maybe she killed somebody [or more]). For something supernatural, you can look that up online or make it up.


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