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Where to find little-known teen model pictures (male and female)?
well I need pictures for a roleplay and I just wanted to know where to find a list of little-known models I could use.
I know to abide by copyright laws and all, don't worry.
Any help is appreciated, thanks. (:
Most stock photo sites are full of them.
Why are little girl clothes modelled on teen fashion?
Clothes for small girls (including toddlers) seem to be designed in the same styles as teen clothes even though little girls are a completely different shape. Why is this? Where can little girls get sensible clothes that are comfortable to play in?
The problem is guyren are being increasingly sexualise these days. Small guyren are allowed the same freedoms as once would only be given to older guyren and this has resulted in them being more demanding and losing their guyhoods. They think they are teenagers and want to dress like them. And clothing manufacturers are jumping on this by selling bras and g-strings to four-year-olds. And the saddest thing is that parents buy it all.
Teen models?
if you ever search teen models you'll find alot of little teen acting like they are older.with panties and then covering there breast.
DO you think this is right?
why not. and by teen, do you mean eighteen, nineteen?
I want to become a teen model but i need a little help?
i want to become a teen model but i just dont know how to do it. i am only 16 years old and have a baby. he is 8 months old going on 9 on the 13th. i dont kow if im to short . im 5'1 and weigh like 125. how do i get started on becoming a model or what do i do.
my friends daughter is model for Storm agency which is signed up with the likes of Kate Moss. She is 15 - 6ft tall and has been modelling for a few years now - she was scouted at an airport in Uk - whilst the money she is earning is fantastic -she cant touch it until she is 21. Whilst it may sound glamourous - its not all its cracked up to be - its extremely demanding, you have to be commitment free to attend castings and fly to locations and fashion shows at short notice working extremely long hours often for up to 18 hours a day or night.Whilst my friends daughter is a size 6shoe - she is often made to walk in a size 4 shoe and even though she is lanky and very skinny her hip size is a 12 but she is often told to work on her figure a little more ie hips which are already boney...

Right now you are better off spending what time you have with your baby - they grow so fast,and before long you'll look back and wander where that time went.

Your height may restrict you from modelling unless you know off an agency who will take you on modelling specific bodily areas- head - or leg shots. Although there are agencies that deal in shorter heights - If you want to do it then you need to have some photos sent off to a number of agencies and see from there - but research the agencies.

but by no means be illussioned that its all glamour and fun, it is hard work - and dealing with rejection and critisism is also a big part of the job
Good/bad teen role models?
who do you think is the BEST role model for little girl, tweens, and teens? and who do you think is the WORST? (by this i mean actress, popstar, ect) tell me why also.
and PLEASE dont just refer to nickalodeon, or disney channel,(they can still be from disney channel or something) but i mean like ANY actress...but PLEASE keep the age 25 or lower. thank you!

P.S. i think BEST: demi lovoto because she dresses appropiately, does not do drugs or drink and she has not even been accused of it
WORST: ke$ha because she does alot of drugs and drinks, and is a slut.
Carrie Underwood - She's one of the classiest ladies in Hollywood. She doesn't drink, smoke, or party and she seems like the sweetest person. She's my only celebrity role model. :)
Miley Cyrus - Miley is so real. She's just a teenage girl that may have made a few mistakes every now and then but she has good Christian values and she's out there doing what she loves. She's just a guy and sometimes people forget that. I think little girls can look at her and realize she isn't perfect. None of us are. Like I said, she's still a guy and the whole world is watching her every move!

Megan Fox - She dresses and acts trashy, she has a foul mouth, and she doesn't seem thankful for what she has.
Taylor Swift - Do you want your daughter to become overly obsessed boys? All she talks and sings about it boys, boys, boys and she moves from boy to the other. To me, that's not the example I want to set for my daughter.
Teen models[what do you think about them]?
okay so-a-days people are taking advantage of little guys beauty and are taking more then just regular pictures, if you search google teen models i bet 90% of them will be nude or be in a sexy pose, i just want to know what people think about this

i think it's wrong even if the guy/ mother agree to take these pictures
Have you done such a search? Are 90% of the under 18 year old models posing nude? I think not.

Each culture has its own views on what is sexual and what is natural, but we live in the real world and the laws say that anyone under the age of 18 may not be photographed nude or in sexually provocative poses ... Period.

The consequences of doing this are serious to say the least..

Even during fashion shoots there are sometimes "costume malfunctions". If any part of the females nipple, aureole or pubis shows, the image must be destroyed as soon as it is noticed by anyone on the shoot or during the first edit.

BTW, even mothers cannot override the law.
What is the average weight for a 5'5-5'6 teen model?
I am a teen girl and I want to become a model. I weigh about 110, a little less.Everyone calls me skinny, but I am not sure. Teens in magazines look much skinner then me. What is the average weight for a 5'5''-5'6'' female teen model?
I have seen similar questions like yours on here. Based on the information I have seen i would say it would be around 125-135 lbs.
I want to become a teen male model, but how?
Well, I want to become a teen male model, but I have a little fat on me, and i wear glasses, and ive got some pimples on my face. Other than that, I have a pretty good face, and great teeth. I'm 15, and about 6'1.
well male models are usually super skinny or buff. My advice is maybe get in contact with a local agency(dont send out to ones in LA if you live in like Montana or something)
Question for: teen models?
for some reason modeling has been on my mind a lot lately. and it's something i'm really interested in, but i'm not gonna get into for another year, because i wanna be a little older, improve my grades, and improve myself so i meet the model standards (weight, skin, teeth, etc) so does anyone have any experiences, tips, opinions? just anything would be fine i guess =)
Before I was pregnant, I was a complete model. I entered this contest that Tyra Banks was holding. I won that contest. My picture taking skills and personality made them love me. If you go to my photo bucket on my activity you'll see a few modeling photo's of me. I plan to going back to that contract two months after Daisa is born.

Good Luck, it's fun!

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