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Do you think mcgruber freind who he was wearing the pee pee pants for was acually the undertaker?
Taker decided he would take a whiz in his pants and make them pee pants and then acaully made MCGRUBER wear his pee pants because taker. (not a serious question, probaly retarted.)
♥ Whatever
How do you wash pee soaked pants?
I accidentally pee my pants sometimes and I was wondering how to wash them or how to get and use diapers without my parents knowing.
Rinse well with water and then wash them in the laundry with your regular detergent and a sprinkle of baking soda. Baking soda helps eliminate foul odors in laundry, and it works really well on urine.
How much would someone have to pay you to pee your pants?
It doesn't particularly mean in public. A friend of mine peed herself for 10 bucks while she was drunk last night right outside of a club. I was wondering, (especially for girls, because for some reason, it seems less of a big deal for guys since they can laugh it off easier), how much would someone have to pay you to pee your pants in public? What about around the house with just a friend?
In public, no amount of money is enough because I have had to go so bad on a couple of occasions I have accidently peed myself in public and the humiliation and embarrassment is horrible! Around the house you could not pay me with anyone but my husband and I have done that for him on a couple of occasions for free.
Is it normal to pee your pants from laughing, and other things?
Sometimes when people make me laugh too hard I pee my pants
I am a teenage girl
sometimes I have to pee and then it just starts coming out
I don't think that's
normal? Help?
Its not 100% normal but it doesn't make you a freak or anything either, you likely just have a weak bladder, lots of people have slight bladder control issues.

there are exercises you can do to strengthen your bladder (check my source for more info).
Is it better to pee in my pants or pee in public?
So I was walking down Union St. at Ohio University and I had to pee. I was worried that I could be arrested so instead of finding a bush or a tree or just walk into a restaurant to pee. I just peed my pants.. did I make the right choice?
of course.............not
why the hell would u pee ur pants when u could've gone in the restaurant. now u have to walk around in piss soaked pants looking like an idiot
Does anyone pee their pants when riding a horse?
I sometimes pee my pants or panties rising a horse, probably why I dont ride much anymore. The bouncing makes me pee. I tried wearing skirts to hide the accidents, but just stopped riding.
Does this happen to anyone else, and what do you do?
It sounds like the bouncing could be irritating your bladder causing you to leak urine. The best thing you can do is to talk to your Dr. He may be able to prescribe some medicine to help prevent accidents like this one. I know all too well how you feel as I am a nurse and know of these problems. It is not an uncommon problem and your Dr. should be able to help you. Best of luck
What will happen if I pee my pants in church?
I'm 14, but I still have to go to church with my parents every Sunday. I hate it. I have an idea though to get out of it. I thought that I could pee my pants in church during the service. Then my parents would be embarrassed and wouldn't make me go anymore. Do you think this will work?
Wait in one of your other questions you asked about hiding drugs in your diaper... so you're 14, you like diapers, and do crack?
How can I make a girl pee her pants?
I get a little turned on when girls pee their pants, and I want to find a way to make it happen to my girlfriend. I need something that won't seem too obvious that I'm doing it on purpose. Something like holding her down or tickling her would seem suspicious.

For those of you that contribute nothing to the answers, I am not the most disgusting person in the world, ever heard of necrophilia? Yea, I'm pretty sure thats worse.
K well there isnt a way. sorry to burst your bubble. i had a bf that was into pee too. he got me to pee on him a couple time and it depends on your girl she may be super weirded out by it or if she is a bit kinky she may want to try it out. be honest tell her you want to TRY it but dont push it cause it may make her uncomfortable
How many parents of teens (13 to 18) allow or would allow their/your guys to pee their pants on purpose?
I like to pee my pants but I try to keep it a secret from my parents because they would get mad. How many parents out there would be ok with this and how often would you allow it?
i dont think 2 many parents would be to happy but there are plenty of us out there who like doing it try looking on if u like doing it just carry on people may not understand u but i do.
Can someone be hypnotized to pee their pants when they hear a certain noise?
I'm (pardon the pun) pissed off at someone. Would it be possible to hypnotize them and make them pee their pants every time they hear a certain noise (for example, a school bell)?
can you purposely "pee in your pants?" There's your answer, o.k. I'll go further, when you were potty trained the effort to go pee was reenforced by a reward, as the act was repeated then you repress this into the unconscious and as you grow into adlthood then it is reenforced again by the ethics and morals you've learned from your parents. Hypnotism is only auto suggestion in other words you act upon the suggestion becuse you are being rewarded for it. No you can't do something you don't normally do in a wakeful state of mind, not even smile!

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